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Bible Teaching

In addition to our Sunday morning sermons at Grace Life Church that you can listen to here, we are very thankful to God that we also have a radio bible teaching broadcast that we call "Grace Life In Christ."

This bible teaching program airs on BlogTalkRadio. Please to go to blogtalkradio.com to learn when our next live broadcast is scheduled or listen to previous bible teaching broadcasts. We also usually announce upcoming broadcasts on Facebook.   

Please note that the radio sermons are not the audios from our Sunday church sermons at Grace Life Church. If you want to hear audio recordings of sermons at our church, click on the "Sunday Morning Sermons" drop down tab when you hover over the "Bible Teaching" tab at the top of this page.     

To listen to the audios of "Grace Life In Christ" bible teaching broadcasts, click on the "Radio Bible Teaching" drop down tab when you hover over the "Bible Teaching" tab at the top of this page.

It's our desire that our bible teaching ministry will help you better understand and enjoy God's Word! Nothing will bring you more peace, joy, and satisfaction in your life than growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ through a correct understanding God's Word to you

The ultimate goal of our ministry is to help you live a victorious Christian life! We desire that you rest in and rejoice in living the grace life! This life can only be experienced as you walk by faith in our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 5:7).

It's all about HIM!