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Because we strongly believe that the word of God rightly divided (2 Tim. 2:15) works effectively in believers (1 Thes. 2:13), we support the wonderful ministry of biblical counseling. Good biblical counseling has helped countless people deal with life's challenges, problems, and difficulties in a loving and compassionate way.  

Biblical counseling uses the Bible exclusively (not mixed with psychology, philosophy, human viewpoint, etc.) to help people experience real spiritual victory in their Christian lives, even while facing the many problems that life in this sinful world can throw at us.

The biblical counseling ministry of Lucy Ann Moll is strongly recommended for people who need more intensive help from God's word as it applies to the difficult circumstances and situations they're facing.

Biblical Counselor Lucy Ann Moll can be contacted through her ministry website -- lucyannmoll.com. 

Lucy's phone number is 815-757-3168.

Please don't hesitate to contact Lucy for real help that can only be found in the word of God!