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Grace Life Biblical Counseling

So many people today are hurting and struggling. The sinful world we live in beats on us daily and wears us out. Countless people suffer alone from anxiety, fear, hopelessness, depression, and other negative emotions.

However, there is good news! God's word teaches us we can live victorious and joyful Christian lives even while facing very difficult circumstances and situations in our lives.

My God-given passion to proclaim Jesus Christ and the wonderful gospel of grace leads me to help people through REAL biblical counseling. Let me be clear:  God's word is His full revelation to us. His word changes lives -- forever! God's word can radically change YOUR life -- if you believe it!

​God has prepared me through a lifetime of knowing Him and 20 years of pastoral ministry to effectively, with compassion, help you in whatever life situation or difficulty you're facing through a proper understanding of God's word to you. Understanding God's amazing grace to me, as clearly revealed in the Bible, radically changed my life. It can change your life too!

Our counseling center offers personal counseling to individuals, couples, and families in person or through Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or phone. We counsel people all over the world! We're here to help you as you deal with life's challenges, struggles, and problems.

The fees for our service range from $50 - $75 per session. If you'd like to schedule an appointment, please call 256-740-7852 or email us at smoll@gracelifeinchrist.org. If this is an emergency, please call 911 or go immediately to the nearest hospital emergency department.

We want to help you. God's word, properly taught, will bring peace and stability to your life when you trust it.

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.   

Stephen J. Moll

Grace Life Biblical Counseling